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1) What are your overall impressions of the Eau Claire Redevelopment Plan and will it create the kind of shopping, restaurant, services, entertainment and live/work "place" to meet your expectations?
2) +15 Connections
Approximately 80% of all of the proposed Development's edges are active with retail and services at the ground level. In addition, connecting hotel guests, business travelers, retail customers and office workers to the downtown core via the +15 system creates convenience and is integral to the success of a mixed-use development.

Do you support connecting this development to the +15 system?
3) Smokestack
The proposed new location of the Historic Smokestack is about 150 metres North of its current location. In this new prominent location beside the Plaza, the Smokestack’s landmark value and contribution to the public realm are significantly improved with the creation of an interpretive and educational space.

Do you support improving the location and the educational opportunity of the Smokestack and why?
4) Office
This is a PRIMARILY RESIDENTIAL Development with approximately 1,000 new homes proposed. Office is already an approved use on this site. Great urban neighbourhoods host a range of activities, both social and commercial. Office uses in mixed-use communities provide critical daytime patrons for retail businesses and encourage people to live and work in the area, creating vibrancy and safety.

Do you support an office tower as a part of this mixed use Development and why?
5) Shadowing
The very few new shadows proposed on the Plaza result in approximately 300 additional residential units, an office occupancy of enough workers to support daytime uses and a significant bonus density financial contribution to the redevelopment of the Plaza. NO shadows will be cast on the Plaza from April to late August and NO shadows will be cast on the Bow River Pathway at all.

Do you think the community and public benefits of the proposed Development outweigh the small percentage of shadow impact on the Plaza which would occur in September for a short time in the morning?